The  BMC  labs  team  has  over  70  years  of  collective  experience  in  the  biotech  space.

Lauren Auchinclos

joined BMC Labs as part-time Executive Chairman in 2011 and assumed the roles of Chairman and CEO following Series B financing in August 2012. From 2004 until its $3 billion acquisition by Ramiers Briggs, Inc. in July of 2011, she was CEO of ATP Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a startup company she joined in 1994. Prior to joining ATP, she managed a number of human augmentation projects for Darpa. She has an MA in business from the University of California.

Janna Sensum

is BMC Labs' Founder and Chief Science Officer. She has been described as a "21st Century genius" by the Harvard Review and the MIT Technology Review included Janna as one of their 2011 "35 Most Disruptive Innovators Under 35." Scientific American described her as "defining where biology meets media." An avid sci-fi fan from a young age, it’s been Janna’s lifelong dream to make science fiction into science fact. She holds a ScD in biological engineering from MIT and a BS in chemical and biomolecular engineering from Georgia Tech.

Florent Appich

is BMC Labs' Director of Behavioral Science and Social Engineering. Before BMC, he worked in development for the CIA. He is also a white hat hacker who has previously performed security evaluations for the US military and was a contributor to the Security Analysis Tool for Auditing Networks (SATAN). He holds a BS in psychobiology from Princeton University and was a graduate of West Point.

Danny Severi

is BMC Labs' Director of Artificial Intelligence. He was previously a principal investigator at the MIT AI Lab, where he focused on machine learning in unstructured environments. He also built BioNanoHybrid™ molecules and cellular structures that could mimic human cells. Before that, Danny earned his PhD in biotechnology with a MS in computer science from UC Berkely. His favorite learning agent is three years old and has already achieved state of the art results on the task of detecting candy in cluttered images.