Welcome to the Next Generation in Biotech Implants. In the next five years, 15% of the population will be enhanced. Human enhancements are projected to be a 35 billion dollar industry by 2020 with the majority of growth in North America and Asia.

BMC labs is focused on developing biological implants that will make their hosts faster, smarter and healthier while improving sexual performance, and increasing the average life span.

Driven by a desire to improve people’s lives BMC strives to innovate, often finding inspiration in non-traditional places. One area of focus is licensing fictional IP found in films, TV and books. Our BODY MIND CHANGE™ series of human enhancement implants is a creative collaboration with some of the biggest names in entertainment. While it has become common for large corporations to bring on creative visionaries to help guide product development or provide market insight, BMC is taking the relationship further.

We’re pleased to announce POD (Personal On-Demand), the first release in our BODY MIND CHANGE™ series. This next generation recommendation engine knows what you want before you do. Forged from an innovative partnership with creative visionary David Cronenberg, BMC labs has secured an exclusive license to all the biology and technology IP found within Cronenberg’s films. In the process, BMC is turning science fiction into science fact.

POD reinvents the recommendation engine to make discovering the things you need, love or desire effortless. This state of the art biotech implant will guarantee you personalized recommendations that are 99.999% relevant all the time. POD grows with you to become an intuitive companion, enhancing your life and storing the best that the world has to offer for immediate recall at any time. After a light training period, POD will be able to predict your deepest unfulfilled desires – even the ones you didn’t know you had.

It all begins when you grow your own bionanohybrid cells in our lab. After six weeks of personalizing POD’s AI system, the resulting organ is ready for implantation. During that time, you teach the organism about your needs, loves and desires by engaging with stories, games and visual content.

After implantation, your experience evolves into "hands free" mode; visual and auditory experiences immerse you in fictional overlays to the real world. You stay in the driver’s seat by simply activating and deactivating POD with a thought. Now able to directly build on your sympathetic nervous system’s reactions to the world around you, POD’s ability to inspire and fulfill you accelerates.

As an added bonus, BMC continues to update POD with new content by matching your preferences to our robust database and user grid. Your anonymity is important to us, that’s why we use security intelligence to keep your data 100% safe. No one even has to know you have a POD – it can be our little secret.