POD Wants To Know You

We’ve  redesigned  the  recommendation  engine  to  make  discovering  the  things  you  need,  love  or  desire  effortless.

Meet POD (Personal On-demand), the ultimate recommendation engine. POD is an emotional sensory learning and data-mining organism designed to enhance your life. This state of the art biotech implant will guarantee you personalized recommendations that are 99.999% relevant all the time. POD grows with you to become an intuitive companion, fulfilling your deepest desires on demand.

We wish to thank all the hosts that braved our initial beta launch. While many didn't experience severe side effects, 37.489% of our testing group did. We recognize your discomfort and promise you that over time, the nausea, nose bleeds, and headaches will subside. Don't let these minor setbacks blind you from the true evolutionary progress that we have collectively made.

While this phase of testing is now complete we are excited to announce that POD™ will be traveling to Europe later this Spring. Based on limited availability we HIGHLY recommend that you register soon to reserve your very own POD™.

Get Your Pod Implant

"Congratulations to all 1st wave POD™ participants. You worthy few have now joined the ranks of a special breed of premier hosts who are paving the way for humanity's evolutionary progress. We salute you."


“BMC labs and David Cronenberg are going where no biotech startup has gone before. As the film industry struggles to evolve, Cronenberg once again proves that he is ahead of his time - striking an eight-figure licensing deal for the fictional IP found within his films.”